I'd be grateful of you could contact me off list. I am interested to see your syllabus. Last attempts that I saw in UK to ascertain how many libraries were moving from MARC/AACR2 to RDA indicated that most were adopting a wait and see attitude. For educators this leaves the problem to which others have alluded about cramming more into the same period of time rather than simply concentrating on RDA.

Thanks in advance


Dick Hartley
Professor of Information Science
Institute of Humanities and Social Science Research
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One point I'd like to make as this conversation continues is that
incorporating RDA into the curriculum must go beyond teaching RDA as
rules.  The real changes that RDA brings to the table are in the
potential for changes in the DATA we build and share, and that requires
looking at the RDA Vocabularies.  The course that Nerissa took with me
was about RDA as data, and we looked at the rules but talked very little
about them.

I'm happy to share my syllabus and materials with anyone who wants to
take a look.


On 2/10/11 1:34 PM, Kathryn La Barre wrote:
> Greetings,
> I've had an off list conversation with Nerissa about the existence of
> And have brought this conversation on RDA-L to the attention of EDUCAT
> subscribers. I've asked other cataloguing educators on that list about
> their plans for the cataloguing curriculum (wrt RDA, etc). I'll post a
> summary here.
> I work at GSLIS at the University of Illinois, where last Fall, we
> hosted an RDA practicum for students as part of the national test of
> RDA . Our experiences there are beginning to filter into the curriculum.
> I work closely with five adjunct instructors as we continue to shape
> the future of cataloging education at our institution. We will meet in
> March to discuss incorporating RDA, and needed changes in our approach
> to cataloguing education because as Nerissa points out -- students
> today will be at the forefront!
> Currently at GSLIS, in addition to discussion of RDA in our beginning
> and advanced cataloging courses - we cover it in our core required
> course Information Organization and Access as part of our
> instructional module about structures and standards which cover FRBR
> and other Metadata standards.
> --
> Kathryn La Barre
> Assistant Professor
> Graduate School of Library and Information Science
> University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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