There are several overlapping notions of what it is to be a conceptual work,
and I think that the FRBR version is  very much a  compromise ("super-works"
fill in some of the gaps from above).

I do believe that all theoretical models require that a work have a creator
[I am persuaded by arguments that the coming in to existence of a work
rigidly depends on the existence of it's creator, across modal contexts, but
that's not strictly relevant here :-)].

It is less clear that a work must have a title, or that uniform titles as
currently constituted are the exact corresponding concept to what a work
title would be.

The published FRBR model has some logical inconsistencies (how much does a
manifestation weigh?), and is best treated as a source of inspiration,
rather than as literal truth.

Wittgensteinian family resemblances, prototype theory, and inheritance with
overriding can be a useful way of looking at things, especially from a
bottom up perspective.

It's also worth reading Barbara Tillett's full dissertation, which laid the
groundwork for the IFLA report. I got permission to scan and pdf this a
while ago; (hey Jenn, can I borrow the scribe for a bit).

I think Karen was on the other end of a conversation where I found an LC
record claiming two distinct uniform titles.

On Feb 17, 2011 9:34 AM, "Karen Coyle" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Jakob, there isn't a single data element that represents the FRBR Work --
Work is a complexity, and generally needs at least a creator and a title,
more in some cases. However, the Work title is not the same as the title of
the "instance" and most current library records do NOT have a Work title
(and thus are not easy to fit into FRBR).
> The nearest thing to a work "data element" that we have is an author/title
uniform title. Thus, on a MARC or MODS record for:
> Mann, Thomas, 1875-1955
>  Joseph and his brothers
> You *should* have (but often don't) a uniform/Work title:
> [Joseph und seine Bru?der]
> And a corresponding authority heading in the authority file:
> Mann, Thomas, 1875-1955. Joseph und seine Bru?der.
> kc
> p.s. actually, it's even messier than that, but I simplified for the sake
of clarity.
> Quoting Jakob Voss <[log in to unmask]>:
>> Hi,
>> I tried to create a controlled link for the titleInfo element and do not
fully understand what a controlled 'title' exactly means in MODS.
>> It looks like <titleInfo> is a good place to link a record to a FRBR Work
entity, right?
>> <titleInfo valueURI="">
>>  <nonSort>The </nonSort>
>>  <title>C programming language</title>
>> </titleInfo>
>> If title authorities do not reference works, what do they reference
instead, and where can I best put an authority link to a FRBR work in MODS?
>> Thanks!
>> Jakob
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