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> I do believe that all theoretical models require that a work have a creator
> [I am persuaded by arguments that the coming in to existence of a work
> rigidly depends on the existence of it's creator, across modal contexts, but
> that's not strictly relevant here :-)].
> It is less clear that a work must have a title, or that uniform titles as
> currently constituted are the exact corresponding concept to what a work
> title would be.

The "BR" in FRBR is "Bibliographic Records" and BRs *always* have a  
title, even if the cataloger has to make one up. FRBR doesn't describe  
the theoretical world of works, and not even the bibliographic world  
of works, but the current library cataloging world of works. That's a  
narrow realm with a set of rules already in place (like supplying  
titles where they do not exist). It's also very much biased toward  
published works. I haven't seen any analyses of how FRBR applies to,  
say, museum pieces, but I an imagine that it would not be an easy fit.

> It's also worth reading Barbara Tillett's full dissertation, which laid the
> groundwork for the IFLA report. I got permission to scan and pdf this a
> while ago; (hey Jenn, can I borrow the scribe for a bit).

It would be great if that "work" were more readily available.


> Simon
> P.s.
> I think Karen was on the other end of a conversation where I found an LC
> record claiming two distinct uniform titles.
> On Feb 17, 2011 9:34 AM, "Karen Coyle" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> Jakob, there isn't a single data element that represents the FRBR Work --
> Work is a complexity, and generally needs at least a creator and a title,
> more in some cases. However, the Work title is not the same as the title of
> the "instance" and most current library records do NOT have a Work title
> (and thus are not easy to fit into FRBR).
>> The nearest thing to a work "data element" that we have is an author/title
> uniform title. Thus, on a MARC or MODS record for:
>> Mann, Thomas, 1875-1955
>>  Joseph and his brothers
>> You *should* have (but often don't) a uniform/Work title:
>> [Joseph und seine Bru?der]
>> And a corresponding authority heading in the authority file:
>> Mann, Thomas, 1875-1955. Joseph und seine Bru?der.
>> kc
>> p.s. actually, it's even messier than that, but I simplified for the sake
> of clarity.
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>>> Hi,
>>> I tried to create a controlled link for the titleInfo element and do not
> fully understand what a controlled 'title' exactly means in MODS.
>>> It looks like <titleInfo> is a good place to link a record to a FRBR Work
> entity, right?
>>> <titleInfo valueURI="">
>>>  <nonSort>The </nonSort>
>>>  <title>C programming language</title>
>>> </titleInfo>
>>> If title authorities do not reference works, what do they reference
> instead, and where can I best put an authority link to a FRBR work in MODS?
>>> Thanks!
>>> Jakob
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