Supposedly, the magnetic-levitation turntables also eliminate all mechanical noise on playback, and 
they cost quite a bit more than the ELP.

I have an ELP demo disc from the late 90's that's not very impressive, but I think they made the 
mistake of dubbing from bad-condition records. There was a lot of rumble on some selections but it 
could well have come from the cutting lathe.

For older records, I very much agree with Mike B's point, that requiring a great-condition rim is a 
big handicap.

-- Tom Fine

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> Tom Fine wrote:
>>Question about the ELP playback -- does the laser pick up any mechanical
>>noises like rumble or
>>From my experience, the only rumble issue is whatever the cutting lathe
> encoded into the grooves.  If the lathe was truly quiet, the disc will be,
> too.
> Chas.