Audio-Technica apparently makes a version too:
Might be the same thing from the same Chinese manufacturer.

I have a friend who has one of those Crosley "all in one" phono/CD player/radio things. The tonearm 
and cartridge are very flimsy but they seem to track lightly. One dumb thing -- you need the lid up 
to play or the cartridge is being squashed onto the record, but it doesn't say this anywhere in the 
badly-translated instructions. The sound quality is exactly what you'd expect. However, let me again 
emphasize that the needle tracks lightly, so it's not a groove-gouger like those old school-room 
phonographs that were a fad a while back.

As far as Cary's idea about using it as a "preview" player at swap meets and garage sales, I'd say 
bring a record brush and a can of compressed air so you first of all have a long stylus life but 
also don't screw the next guy by driving grit into the vinyl on your preview-play.

-- Tom Fine

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Anyone have any experience with this li'l gizmo? It doesn't play 78s,
but could come in handy when trying out records at swap meets, garage
sales, the ARSC exhibit room, etc.

Cary Ginell