Hi Melissa,

Where I work at the RSA we have 4 -1200 MKII turntables.
Though we have all the counterweights we weren't able to play 78s until we
sent them to KAB in New Jersey.
They did a little electronic procedure and now I can play 78 as well as 33s
& 45s.
They might have the weight piece you need.  Good luck.

James Benjamin Roth

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Hello all,

I am borrowing an SL-1200 MKII to do some transfers, and am in the process
of setting it up. The owner of the turntable does not have the original zero
balance weight to calibrate horizontal zero. Does anybody know if I can
obtain another one or if there is an alternate method for calibrating
horizontal zero on this turntable?

I am using the technics EPA-120 tonearm, a technics headshell, and an AT 120
ET cartridge. The weight of the cartridge is 6.5 g.

Additionally, the turtable is missing the tonearm clamp and one of the
adjustable feet from the base of the turntable. Does anyone know if there
are replacement parts available?

Melissa Widzinski