Hi Melodie,

Now I've never used Audacity, but all the audio editors I've used  
create linked files that have the information on how to draw the  
picture of the "wav" file. Most likely thats what they are and no I  
wouldn't erase them.

Adrian Cosentini
New York Philharmonic
Audio Preservation Manager

On Mar 4, 2011, at 3:01 PM, Frances, Melodie wrote:

> All
> We use Audacity to convert our reel to reel tapes into digital  
> files. We recently noticed that there are a bunch of extra files  
> that end in .auf  They are all about 1000 KB and have a name along  
> the lines of b02720.  There are TONS of these files. We are  
> wondering what they are and if it is safe to delete them or not?
> Thanks
> Melodie Frances