The SACD's were mastered in Germany. I'm surprised some are still sold by Amazon, there must be some 
inventory left in the retail channels. They have been out of print for a few years now.

As for reel tape prices, no idea why people pay $$$ for something that was reissued on CD. It's hard 
to put a value on artifacts when it comes to collectors, so that could explain part of it. The RCA 
2-tracks from that same era go for $$$ also.

All Mercury CD's can be bought either as in-print manufactured CD's or as one-off CDR licensed 
copies at

-- Tom Fine

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Hello All,
This is something that Tom should be able to address. It is a really a tribute to Tom's mom and 
dad's historic recordings, but this resurgence of recognition and value truly shows that they did 
something special. I've found that Amazon is offering excellent re-masterings of the Mercury Living 
Presence series including some even in SACD, although those are, of course, 3-track. The prices are 
in the $6-12 range depending if used or new. My first question is, who is doing the re-mastering, 
and Tom, are you involved? The personal reviews on Amazon are mostly all five stars by those who 
have purchased them. My second query has to do with the original two track reel to reel tapes that 
are currently being sold on eBay. Can you believe that today, the Antal Dorati recording of Brahm's 
Variations on a Theme of Haydn, MVS5-25 sold for $202.50?!! Not only does the CD remaster have that 
tune, but it also includes the Enesco: Romanian Rhapsody No.
 2. In addition, tape MDS5-3, Bizet: Carmen Suite and L'Arlesienne Suite No. 1 sold for $305! So, 
what is the reason for this madness? Pondering, Rod Stephens