Hi Graham:

Wow, thanks for this reply. I thought I was making a "safe" statement!

Also, Duane, thanks for the detailed explaination in your separate posting.

-- Tom Fine

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> Tom Fine wrote:
>> If Keith Monks makes fluid for your specific machine, then it's bound to 
>> work well.
> As the USA/Canada seller of the Keith Monks Dual Chemistry Archivist Record 
> Cleaning Machine for over 10 years, I really need to weigh in on this...
> After Keith's passing when Jon Monks took over the company, he introduced his 
> cleaning fluids and I asked him to tell me for my own assurances, what is in 
> them.  His response was that he would hold that information at least for the 
> foreseeable future... but he did say the ingredients were "all natural". 
> Sulphuric acid is naturally occurring but I don't think I'd want my records 
> cleaned with it!  Needless to say, I did not find the response acceptable!
> FYI: Duane Goldman (the Disc Doctor) prints on his bottles the chemical content 
> of his cleaning solutions, although it is not a recipe to make your own.
> This is, I believe, a US government requirement, particularly for poison 
> control center information with severe penalties and liabilities for 
> violations.  If this is the case, I don't expect that you will find the Monks 
> solutions available in the USA until Jon Monks decides to divulge the information.
> There aren't really any "secrets" in the chemistry of cleaning solutions that 
> any good chemist couldn't tell you, but if you don't know what you are using, 
> then I suggest you DON'T USE IT!
> I covered a safe easy-to-prepare inexpensive cleaning solution (along with some 
> other cleaning suggestions) in the manual I wrote for the Keith Monks machines 
> before the Monks company offered their own.
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