Because the tape is wound oxide out and you're trying to record through 
the backing? Just a guess...

Because it's very thinly coated instrumentation or logging tape? Just 
another guess which I believe less than the first one...



On 2011-03-03 8:49 PM, Dan Nelson wrote:
> I found several dozen reels of 1/2 inch  black oxide 1.5 mil tape in my storage shed from at least 20/30 years ago.
> They are 10" pancakes with cardboard seperators with scotch printed on the master carton of 12 but no type number where the paste on sticker was is missing.
> On my Ampex 440 with "0" in i get  like -20/30 out. I tried re-biasing and altering the bias  has no effect on the output level....
> Any one have a clue why tape would act this way if stored for 20 years bulk ???
> many thanks
> dnelson

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