Hi, Connie,

While I am migrating my business work to the Open Source Free 
LibreOffice from  (I think the 
better-supported version of OpenOffice), I do have Word 2010 to help my 
kids with their schoolwork. We also have 2007 someplace, but I forget 
which PC(s) it's installed on.

Anyway, in Word 2010, the old menu from Word 2003 and even before is 
still's just that things are hidden <smile>.

If you hit the Windows logo in the left, you get a whole menu, correct?

Then in that menu should be "options"

Then under the "proofing" selection in the left bar at the top is 
AutoCorrect options. That sub-menu looks to be the same as it has been.

In Word 2010, there is a also on the "Insert" Ribbon something called 
"Quick Parts" that allows you to save to AutoText. You'd have to see 
what that's all about.

I hope this was some help. I think my Word knowledge may have peaked at 
DOS Word 6 and then re-peaked for Word 2003, but I was stuck using 
Office 97 for a very long time at work and never really warmed to it.



On 2011-03-28 12:39 PM, Connie Jones wrote:
> Sorry to bother the list for this, but does anyone out there know how to
> make Word 2007 auto correct, auto fill, auto insert or whatever it would be
> called. My issue is that I am OCRing index cards then of course editing
> them. I would love to not have to type in whole long words like
> tuberculosis, Mahoning, etc. Any ideas out there? Thanks.

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