hey, produced by Giorgio Gomelsky of Yardbirds fame.

hey, cool tune:

she could do the blues, in a Brit-pop-ish way:

she sang on one song, "Trombone Cholly", on Chris Barber's debut album "Here is Chris Barber." This 
album is, bizarrely, combined with the songs from the old Atlantic album "Jazz at Preservation Hall 
3" on a CD from You might spend some time at their site and see if "Spring Song" is 
buried on some other CD with a strange title.

Here's an example of what she was doing with Chris Barber:

And here's yet another Brit-pop gem:

Wow, too bad most of her stuff is out of print.

-- Tom Fine

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Does anyone know of a source for a hard to find jazz LP called Spring Song, by Ottilie Patterson, 
possible released in 1968 or 1969?. I think she was an Irish singer who sang with Chris Barber. 
Anyway I'm running out of sources and was hoping someone might be able to help. Thanks in advance.

Rod Smear