I am working on a fairly extensive revision to the draft specification,, attempting to consolidate the discussion of the past month or two. I plan to complete this by next Friday, March 11.

As part of this process, I am issuing a LAST CALL on the following features.  We need a concrete use case for each of these.  For each of the following, if no use case is provided, the feature will be dropped.

*         #104 Month and day.  e.g. --01-31 (January 31 of unspecified year)

*         #106 month.  e.g. --12  (december of unspecified year)

*         #107 day. e.g. ---04   (4th day of unspecified month)

*         #110 time e.g. 22:22:20  (time with unspecified date)

*         #204 Ordinal day e.g. 003 (January 3, unspecified year)

*         #205 Year and ordinal day 2003-003 (January 3 of 2003)

The need for this representation is questioned because January 3 of 2003 can  be represented as 2003-01-03. A use case is needed illustration why this alternative form is required.

*         #206 Calendar week e.g. 1985W15 (week 15 of 1985)

*         #207 Week Date e.g. 1985W155 (week 15, day 5, of 1985)

Note: the above four are distinct from issues of publication patterns like for example "third Monday in February".

*         #319 Interval: alternative form e.g. 1964--2008 to means the same thing as 1964/2008 (double dash syntax used in place of slash.)

*         #323 The endpoint of an interval is another interval

*         #324 duration within an interval

*         #325 Named period or event as the endpoint of an interval

*         #328 extension times

This LAST CALL FOR USE CASES is through next Thursday, March 10.