You'll probably get as many different opinions as responses, so here's mine.
I have them create 10 records in the introductory course; in advanced, they work on individual projects. So, I'll tell you how I handle it in Intro. They do one or two areas per week -- title and statement of responsibility the first week, publisher's info and collation the second week, etc. -- for 10 different items. That way, they only have to absorb a limited amount of new information each week, and get to practice applying it to a variety of items.
It also reduces the grading burden on me, since I only have to grade a limited amount of new information each week. Like you, I post comments about common errors and make individual comments about . . . unusual . . . errors. I only mark the first occurance of an error, not every instance. I also post the answers, and tell them to compare their answers with the correct answers. That not only makes it easier on me, it forces them to review their errors and hopefully learn from them. 
There are 30 students in the online course this semester, and other than getting really bored with grading that many assignments, I don't have trouble keeping up. Grading the mid-term is another matter.
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Subject: [eduCAT] like having 20 people in revision at the same time

    Hi, Cataloging educators.

I am in my first semester of teaching Advanced Cataloging online.
I've taught metadata and intro cataloging courses before, and we did some record
creation, but not as much as I have my students doing this semester.

There are 20 people in the class.  I am giving them 3 records a week, which doesn't
seem like much, but it's all I can do to get them graded and give feedback in time
to help them with their next batch.

[In addition to record creation, we're doing some readings and discussion posts as well, and everyone is researching a metadata standard of his/her choosing and will write a paper and give a presentation on same. The other component is live guest speakers on topics like serials, music, and media cataloging...]

Once they have submitted their assignments, I am posting correct versions of the records.
When there is an issue that trips up multiple people, instead of noting it on every single record,
I add it to a discussion document that I also post.  But I am highlighting every error in every record
and giving notes on errors that are unique to that paper.

Is there a better/easier/faster/ way to grade and give feedback?
How many records per week do  y'all assign?

Any words of wisdom that can be tossed my way would be very much appreciated.

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