Dear all,

I'm currently working on a schema which uses MODS to track the
bibliographic information of an element.
However, unfortunately, there are several critical imports in MODS which
heavily conflict with other schema which try to import into the same
namespace (multiple definitions of the same attributes / elements).

Unfortunately MODS uses its own copy of the xml.xsd schema and the
xlink.xsd schema.

- As far as I found out, the xlink schema is a separate & modified
version of the original xlink schema which can be found at However from my point of view, it is
heavily dangerous to customize a schema but import it into the same
namespace then. I would recommend defining a own namespace for your
custom schemas (even if they are based on an "official" schema).

- The same applies for the xml.xsd schema (the official version can be
found at However there I did not find
any difference in the official and the version hosted by loc - what's
the reason for hosting it own your own?

Is there any chance that you are going to update mods and reference the
official schemas and/or change the target namespace so that mods can be
combined with others schemas trying to import the official ones?

Best wishes,

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