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The draft BIBCO Operations Committee Meeting agenda is available from:  Thursday’s joint agenda with the CONSER Operations Committee is rather solid.  On Friday morning, BIBCO and CONSER meet separately.  The BIBCO agenda is in its draft stages.  We will post a more developed agenda for Friday, May 6, as we work in the suggestions that you have sent.


We are making the draft agendas available now so you can start preparing for the meeting. We have discussion topics that require your full participation and a little preparation on your part in order to have meaningful outcomes.


RDA is a large focus of the Operations meeting this year and we'd like for you to come with some basic familiarity with the code to help us make well-considered recommendations. Please familiarize yourself with FRBR terminology and RDA documentation if you have access to it.  The RDA Prospectus has a good outline of the structure of RDA (an outline at the end of is helpful.) We have found it useful to view webinars and webcast recordings. Here are links to some resources from PCC webpage “Resource Description and Access (RDA) <>.


At the beginning of the meeting, we will provide three presentations as overviews of RDA as applied to name authority, monograph, and continuing resources cataloging. These presentations are not substitutes for your meeting preparation but meant as support of the group discussions that will follow. If you have any questions during your study of RDA please direct them to [log in to unmask].


The "List of Attendees" in the upper right corner is based on your messages.  It’s not too late to indicate your plans to attend.


We will send out information about the BIBCO/CONSER dinner Thursday evening when information for it becomes available. Anyone who’s interested getting together on Wednesday evening, please send an email to [log in to unmask].  We can make a reservation at nearby a restaurant or at least connect prospective diners so that you can make plans for a group event.


Carolyn Sturtevant

BIBCO Coordinator

Library of Congress

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