Dear EAD Listserv friends,

I am a former para-professional congressional archivist and am just a short
two months away from graduating with an MLIS with an Archives focus from
LSU. I am working with two fellow students on a research project on EAD
implementation as part of an information analysis course. We could think of
no better group of people to send out the following questions, and we would
be very grateful if you could spare a few minutes from your busy day to
answer them. Then please send them back to me at my personal email address
(Felicia Thomas -- [log in to unmask]). I will anonymously include your
responses as a valuable contribution to real-time, real-world "user

Thank you for your help,
Felicia Thomas
Graduate Assistant
Louisiana State University

1. To what extent has your archival repository implemented Encoded Archival

2. When did your repository start that process?

3. What is your role in that implementation process?

4. Does your repository write EAD code by hand, use templates, use a utility
like Archon, use a combination of hand-coded EAD and templates, or outsource
your coding?

5. To what extent do you see EAD implementation as having contributed to
your ability and that of your colleagues to access your repository's

6. To what extent has EAD implementation increased your users' satisfaction
and ability to access your repository's collections?

7. To what extent has EAD implementation been successful at your repository?
-- how do you define success?

8. What would you do differently?

9. Has EAD as an information technology lived up to your expectations? If
yes, in what way? If not, why not?

10. Will your repository continue using EAD for the foreseeable future?

11. If not EAD, what is your information technology of choice for the