Yes, our database can produce EAC natively, just as it does EAD. Some of
the features are still in development, but the application (called
AXAEM) should be publicly released sometime this summer. Right now we
are busy adding the ability to ingest electronic records and have it
capture and manage metadata, which could be reused in EAD output.

Elizabeth Perkes
Electronic Records Archivist
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>>> "Custer, Mark" <[log in to unmask]> 4/5/11 12:54 PM >>>
Hi all,

Outside of large consortia, is anyone else experimenting with the
creation of EAC records?  A colleague and I recently gave a presentation
about our preliminary work on this at East Carolina University, and
I*d love to know what others might be doing.  If interested,
here*s a link to our presentation that we posted on Slideshare: 

In short, I*m curious about any methods that might be best suited for
creating/publishing/sharing/linking these sorts of records across
institutions.   For instance, at the end of our presentation, we show
two different EAC records for *Sanford, Terry, 1917-1998* (one
created for SNAC, and the other created for NCBHIO about five years
prior) and I wonder how these sorts of interrelated records will begin
to evolve (especially as EAC begins to be applied at both wider and more
localized regions).

Mark Custer