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"Corporate body" does not mean legally incorporated.  Corporate merely means "an organization or group of persons that has a formal name."

Both the Beatles and the local 'tweens who met (loudly) in my neighbors garage and think they are going to be rock stars (they are wrong unless they learn at least two chords or suddenly become better looking) qualify as corporate bodies as long as they have a name.



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Subject: [EAD] Musical Groups

I select EAC-CPF as my data model to allow me to capture information about
musicians and musical groups because of its ability to capture many
different versions of a name and its ability to capture changes in a name
over time.

I want to make sure I am using the data model as its design intended it to
be used. The entityType element has 3 enumerations (person, family,
corporation). In the case of a musical group or ensemble, what entityType
would this be considered? I am leaning towards corporation but this is not
always the case. I did not find any real guidance in the EAC-CPF
documentation for this scenario. I was wondering how others had handled this