> Michele, does your "linky stuff" code work work with schema/xlink?


Most likely not.  I think at least the xlink: namespace prefix will need to be added.  Since we’re not using the schema I haven’t tested it with it.  Will put that on my to-do list :)




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Thank you everyone for your helpful replies. If the next revision of EAD only supports schema, I think I'd better bite the bullet and convert now. We're still early in our EAD program, so it'd be better to do it now. Karen Miller and Daniel Pitti posted useful information in response to Mark's post, so I'm going to start there. 


Does anyone know if any of the stylesheets here <> work with schema? Michele, does your "linky stuff" code work work with schema/xlink?


Thanks again!


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Mark's last email has prompted something that I've been meaning to ask this list for a while. What are the practical benefits of migrating to schema based EAD from DTD? I know that XML-wise, DTD is the older style and schema is the new, so that schema is the preferred new format. But, I don't think DTD support is going away anytime soon. Are people just trying to achieve the gold standard, or am I missing some other practical benefit. Is a schema easier to work with?


Also, if someone wants to migrate from DTD to schema, are there any guides or other resources available? The EAD Tools & Helper Files page <> doesn't have anything. I'm assuming the EAD XML files will need more updating other than the DTD declaration, but maybe it's as easy as that...




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