I'm interested in using EAC to encode networks between minting authorities/magistrates, political entities, and dynasties in the ancient Greek and Roman worlds (to start), but we're probably at least a year away from that at the American Numismatic Society.  I suspect that such an application would rely heavily on a Solr index for publishing the content and providing the public with linked data APIs.

Ethan Gruber

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Hi all,

Outside of large consortia, is anyone else experimenting with the creation of EAC records?  A colleague and I recently gave a presentation about our preliminary work on this at East Carolina University, and I’d love to know what others might be doing.  If interested, here’s a link to our presentation that we posted on Slideshare:  http://goo.gl/cMTSj

In short, I’m curious about any methods that might be best suited for creating/publishing/sharing/linking these sorts of records across institutions.   For instance, at the end of our presentation, we show two different EAC records for “Sanford, Terry, 1917-1998” (one created for SNAC, and the other created for NCBHIO about five years prior) and I wonder how these sorts of interrelated records will begin to evolve (especially as EAC begins to be applied at both wider and more localized regions).

Mark Custer