You say "MARC is on its way out", yet I see no evidence of that! I'm not
arguing that MARC is the best way to structure library catalog records, but
so far I can see no easy way to migrate the massive amount of MARC-based
records in Connexion to another format. Roy Tennant and others seem to think
everything should migrate to XML: fine! How do we do that?

In my 37 years at UC Davis, I remember our experience with Remarc and the
staggering amount of one-on-one correction effort required when we got those
notorious "misfit" lists. How can we avoid such a catastrophe with a
wholescale conversion from MARC to something else, on a scale of the OCLC
Connexion database?

In these days of shrinking support for libraries, and especially library
technical services, I am tending toward the belief that, antiquated as it
may be, MARC at least is the existing standard, and going to something
different would require human intervention on a scale that no library could

I've read *Metadata in Practice*, and like your observations very much, but
I have my doubts about massive conversion from MARC to another computer
language format.

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