Hello, all!

Jung-Ran Park, full-time cataloging professor at Drexel (unlike me, a
part-time adjunct), wants me to clarify so no one gets an inaccurate
impression of Drexel University iSchool's stance:

Drexel covers RDA fundamentals in its cataloging course; there are several
sections so there might be some variation but we teach our students both
AACR and RDA fundamentals.

We are trying to introduce our cataloging students to both AACR2 and RDA,
despite the inevitable difficulties we run into, being on the cusp of a
transition from one standard to another.

Jung-Ran, in one her emails to me, emphasized that the transition is not
gigantic, i.e. differences between the two standards, in most parts of
descriptive cataloging, are not major. There are, of course, big
differences, but it doesn't serve us well to make a big deal of differences
that won't work out to being very much, taken in the large perspective.

I apologize to the list if I conveyed an inaccurate impression of Drexel's
stance or its presentation of RDA to its students!

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