Diane Hillman said:  I don't know whether you've read Karen Coyle's two issues of the ALA 
TechSource reports, but they're a very good start on learning about this 
stuff.  Karen and I have been talking about doing some webinar training 
(or f2f) of librarians on some of these issues, and as I'm writing this 
I'm thinking we ought to consider starting with teachers.  Any comments?

I respond:

Whenever I hear Diane Hillman and/or Karen Coyle talk about the upcoming evolution/revolution it all seems so clear and desirable ..... for the moment.   When I try to rephrase, report, or relive those comments and the revelations and enthusiasm they engendered, however, I can't quite manage it.   That is, I am far from convincing.

Reading papers about it, be they never so well written, doesn't have the same impact as face to face encounters.   Seeing/hearing about it through a webinar doesn't either.  And so, Diane, I would strongly recommend pursuing education/discussion/information/persuasion/exploration (not "training") in a face to face context, perhaps supplemented as a follow-up with periodic web-based discussions/presentations.

Perhaps a "retreat" coupled with an ALISE meeting?


Janet Swan Hill, Professor
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