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I have observed many times with many people over the years that if you tell them what cataloging (read cataloging as shorthand for all such information organization and access activities) is and involves, they will go "ewwwww!" and walk away, but if they actually DO it, they often discover that it is intriguing, rewarding, and (dare I say) fun.   So from my point of view, cataloging courses, even NOT advanced ones, ought to include some hands-on practice of some sort.   Or else catalogers will become extinct for lack of new blood.

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"For we are catalogers, and therefore the elect of God.  To read is human; to catalog, divine."  Charity Blackstock.  Dewey Death.

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But I still maintain that one should have some hands-on practice, especially in an advanced course, and it's been a challenge to figure how much feels "just right" in the midst of everything else. Diane's excellent suggestion helped me maintain my sanity by providing an "ideal" version of the records and then having the students proofread and comment on one another's work. (Of course I then proofed the proofreading and comments, but it was still less time-consuming.)