The U.S. Courts Library for the Tenth Circuit will remain open.
Madeline R. Cohen, JD, MLS
Circuit Librarian
U.S. Courts Library, 10th Circuit
Byron G. Rogers Courthouse
1929 Stout Street, 4th Floor
Denver, CO  80294
voice: (303) 335-2624
fax: (303) 335-2669
ref desk: (303) 844-3591
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Date:       04/08/2011 06:47 AM
Subject:    [FEDLIB] In the event of a potential furlough...
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Will your library be open during a potential furlough?

If so, please REPLY so others will be aware of any federal libraries still
expecting to offer services during a shutdown.

Please only reply if you will be OPEN during a potential furlough.

Thank you,
FEDLIB Monitor