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Brenda McQuillan

Excess List 2011-04
Savanuck Library

3ds max 6 bible (with CD)/ Kelly L. Murdock. [2004] 006.692 M974
A Handbook for the study of human communication: methods and instruments for
observing, measuring, and assessing communication processes / edited by
Charles H. Tardy. [1988] 001.5101 H236
A guide to successful magazine writing / edited by Clive Howard. [1954]
029.6 S678

A primer of visual literacy / Donis A. Dondis. [1973] 001.553 D679
Above top secret: the worldwide U.F.O. coverup / Timothy Good; with a
foreword by Lord Hill-Norton. [1988] 001.942 G646
Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Classroom in a Book. (with CD) [2002] 006.6869 A239
Adobe Photoshop CS: photographer's guide: picture perfect techniques for
film and digital photographers / David D. Busch.  [2004] 006.686 B977

Adobe Photoshop CS2 (with CD) / Adobe Creative Team. [2005] 006.686 A239
Adobe Photoshop CS2 visual encyclopedia / Stephen Romaniello. [2006] 006.686
Adobe Web pack: Photoshop 7.0, LiveMotion 2.0, and GoLive 6.0 (with CD)/
David Beskeen,  Christine Foley, Elizabeth Reding. [2003] 006.6869 A239A
Advanced Photoshop CS2 trickery & FX (with CD) / Stephen Burns. [2006]
006.686 B967
Advanced design techniques in Adobe Photoshop CSX (with CD) / Chris Botello.
[2005] 006.6869 B748
Beginner's guide to Adobe Photoshop / Michelle Perkins. [2006] 006.696 P449
Books, their care and repair / Jane Greenfield. [1983] 025.7 G799
Communication history / John D. Stevens, Hazel Dicken Garcia. [1980] 001.51
Communication theory / Ernest G. Bormann. [1980] 001.51 B735
Communicology: an introduction to the study of communication / Joseph A.
DeVito. [1982] 001.51 D496
Find It Online [2002] 025.04 S341
Flash 99% good: a guide to Macromedia Flash usability / Kevin Airgid,
Stephanie Reindel.[2002] 006.7869 A298
Flash ActionScript: your visual blueprint for creating Flash (with CD) /
Denise Etheridge. [2002] 006.7869 E84
Freedom and communications / Dan Lacy. [1965] 001.5 L152
Gender and reading: essays on readers, texts, and contexts / edited by
Elizabeth A. Flynn and Patrocinio P. Schweickart. [1986] 028.9 G325
Guide to internet job searching / Margaret Riley Dikel, Frances E. Roehm.
[2006] 025.06 D575
Guinness world records 2010 / Craig Glenday, editor-in-chief. [2009] 031.02
Hacking Photoshop CS2 / Shangara Singh. [2005] 006.686 S617
Internet research: illustrated brief. [2002] 025.04 I61
Machine cryptography and modern cryptanalysis / Cipher A. Deavours, Louis
Kruh. [1985] 001.5436 D285
Macromedia Director MX and Lingo: training from the source (with CD)/ Phil
Gross. [2003] 006.697 G878
Macromedia Flash MX 2004: the complete reference (with CD) / Brian
Underdahl. [2003]  006.786 U55
Macromedia Studio MX bible (with CD) / Joyce J. Evans; with Donna Casey, Ron
Rockwell, and Charles Mohnike. [2003] 006.697 E92
Magazine design. [1969] 051. M163
Managing the digital library / Roy Tennant. [2004]  025. T296
McLuhan, hot & cool: a primer for the understanding of & a critical
symposium / with a rebuttal by McLuhan, edited by Gerald Emanuel Stearn.
[1967] 001.5 S799
Media USA: process and effect / edited by Arthur Asa Berger. [1988]
001.510973 M489
Mediavisions: the art and industry of mass communication / Robert Henry
Stanley. [1987] 001.510973 S788
Multimedia in higher education: a practical guide to new tools for
interactive teaching and learning / Dennis R. Falk and Helen L. Carlson.
[1995] 027.8 F191M
My big sourcebook: for people who work with words or pictures / the staff of
EEI. [1996] 016.3022 M995
Nonverbal communication: the state of the art / Robert G. Harper, Arthur N.
Wiens, Joseph D. Matarazzo. [1978] 001.56 H295
Nonverbal communication for business success / Ken Cooper. [1979] 001.56
Paint Shop Pro 8: the guide to creating professional images / Robin Nichols.
[2004]  006.686 N621
Photographer's guide to the digital portrait: start to finish with Adobe
Photoshop / Al Audleman. [2004] 006.6869 A913
Photoshop CS down & dirty tricks / Scott Kelby. [2003] 006.686 K29
Photoshop CS killer tips: the hottest collection of cool tips and hidden
secrets of Adobe Photoshop / Scott Kelby, Felix Nelson. [2004] 006.686 K29
Photoshop CS2 RAW: using Adobe Camera Raw, Bridge, and Photoshop to get the
most out of your digital camera / Mikkel Aaland. [2006] 006.686 A112
Photoshop CS2 for digital photographers only / Ken Milburn and Doug Sahlin.
[2006] 006.686 M638
Photoshop Elements solutions: the art of digital photography (with CD) /
Mikkel Aaland. [2001] 006.6869 A112
Photoshop Lightroom adventure: mastering Adobe's next-generation tool for
digital photographers / Mikkel Aaland. [2007] 006.686 A112A
Photoshop for nonlinear editors (with CD) / Richard Harrington. [2003]
006.6869 H311
Photoshop photo effects cookbook / Tim Shelbourne.[2005] 006.686 S544
Principles of editorial writing, by Curtis D. MacDougall.[1973] 070.412 M137
Project Flash MX / Nat Gertler. [2003] 006.786 G384
Proper words in proper places: writing to inform / Paul I. Richards and
Irving T. Richards. [1964] 029.6 R517
Real world, Adobe Photoshop CS: industrial strength production techniques /
David Blatner, Bruce Fraser. [2004] 006.669 B644
Real world color management: industrial-strength production techniques /
Bruce Fraser, Chris Murphy, Fred Bunting. [2003] 006.69 F841

Sampling techniques / William G. Cochran. [1977] 001.4 C663
Search engines for the World Wide Web / Alfred and Emily Glossbrenner.
[2001] 025.04 G563
Sentence skills with readings / John Langan. [2001] 808.0427 L271
Skill in nonverbal communication: individual differences / edited by Robert
Rosenthal. [1979] 001.56 S628
Speaking to groups: eyeball to eyeball / James B. Anderson. [1989] 001.542
Symbolism: a comprehensive dictionary / compiled by Steven Olderr.  [1986]
001.51 O44
Talking American: cultural discourses on Donahue / Donal Carbaugh. [1988]
001.542 C263
The Handbook of artificial intelligence (vols 1-3) / edited by Avron Barr
and Edward A. Feigenbaum. [1981-1989] 001.535 H236
The People's almanac presents the Book of lists / David Wallechinsky and Amy
Wallace. [1993] 031. W196
The Photo shop 6 wow! Book (with CD) / Linnea Dayton & Jack Davis. [2002]
006.6869 D276
The Photoshop book for digital photographers / Scott Kelby.  [2002] 006.6869
The Photoshop CS2 book for digital photographers / Scott Kelby. [2005]
006.686 K29P
The Photoshop CS2 speed clinic: automating Photoshop to get twice the work
done in half the time / Matt Kloskowski. [2006] 006.686 K66
The Photoshop elements book for digital photographers / Scott Kelby. [2003]
006.6869 K29P
The Pulitzer Prizes: a history of the awards in books, drama, music, and
journalism, based on the private files over six decades. [1974] 001.44 H717
The UFO experience: a scientific inquiry / J. Allen Hynek. [1979] 001.94
The elements of style / William Strunk Jr. [2006]

The extreme searcher's Internet handbook: a guide for the serious searcher /
Randolph Hock; foreword by Gary Price. [2004] 025.04 H685
The extreme searcher's Internet handbook: a guide for the serious searcher
(2nd edition) / Randolph Hock; foreword by Greg R. Notess. [2007] 025.04
The extreme searcher's guide to Web search engines: a handbook for the
serious searcher / Randolph Hock; foreword by Reva Basch. [2001] 025.04 H685
The information professional's guide to career development online / Sarah L.
Nesbeitt and Rachel Singer Gordon. [2002] 020.23 N458
The language of gesture. [1971] 001.56 C934
The media elite / S. Robert Lichter, Stanley Rothman, Linda S. Lichter.
[1986] 001.510973 L699
The psychology of communication; seven essays / George A. Miller. [1967]
001.5 M648
Upgrading and repairing PCs (with CD) / Scott Mueller. [2006] 004.16 M947
Web-based learning and teaching technologies: opportunities and challenges /
edited by Anil Aggarwal. [2000] 025.06 W364
Why do clocks run clockwise? and other imponderables: mysteries of everyday
life  explained / David Feldman; illustrated by Kas Schwan. [1987] 031.02
Why do dogs have wet noses? and other imponderables of everyday life / David
Feldman; illustrated by Kassie Schwan. [1990] 031.02 F312W
You are the message: secrets of the master communicators / Roger Ailes, with
Jon Kraushar. [1988] 001.542 A293