New database released by EBSCO Publishing EBSCOHost, FEDLINK Vendor ID= EH, World Politics Review. Free trial offered at link near bottom of announcement.

Any questions regarding this offering, see the contact below.


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Subject: Closely follow international relations and foreign affairs with World Politics Review



Dear Librarians and Information Specialists,


EBSCO Publishing recently launched World Politics Review, a database and accompanying website that allows professionals to better understand and closely follow the trends, issues and events in the regions where they invest or do business. World Politics Review covers:


·         Globalization

·         The political trends that influence and determine global and local business conditions

·         The politics of energy, commodities and natural resources

·         Cyber security and technology

·         Rising powers and emerging markets

·         And much more…


World Politics Review provides more than just macroeconomic analysis and political risk assessment. It provides a deeper understanding of the international political context in which markets function, and of the relations between and among key market participants around the world.


The World Politics Review database updates daily and currently contains 3,000+ in-depth articles written by a network of more than 400 subject-matter experts from around the world.


The database is linked to, where additional services are available to help users closely follow the topics that are highly relevant to today’s executives.


For additional information including a free trial, please contact us at [log in to unmask].


Kind regards,


Susan Entrican

Programs Manager

EBSCO Publishing

















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