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The Role of Business in Society Diebold, John                     AMACOM            1982


Quantitative Approaches to                   Levin, Richard I  et als      McGrawHill          1982

            Management  5th ed.


The Labor Revolution                           Tyler, Gus                           Viking Press          1967

    Trade Union in a New America        


Managing Change; Cases and   Jick, Todd D.                        McGrawHill         2003          

     Concepts 2nd ed.


Managing Strategic Change:                  Tichy, Noel M. John Wiley & Sons       1983

   Technical, Political and Cultural Dynamics


Organization Development and Huse, Edgar F.                   West Publishing          1985

            Change  3rd ed.


Liberation Management:                        Peters, Tom                         Alfred A. Knopf        1992

            Necessary Disorganization

            For the Nanosecond Nineties


Adhocracy, The Power to Change        Waterman, Robert H           Whittle Direct          1990    (the Larger Agenda Series)


The Phoenix Agenda:                            Whiteside, John                        OMNEO            1993

            Power to Transform

            Your Workplace


Break Point: Business Process  Carr, David, et als           Coopers & Lybrand     1992

    Redesign  (Coopers & Lybrand

    Performance Solutions Series


Tyranny of the Bottom Line                   Estes, Ralph                 Berrett-Koehler            1995

  Why Corporations Make Good

   People do Bad Things


Social Responsibility and the                 McKie, James Ed.        Brookings Institution    1974

  Business Predicament  


The Fifth Discipline: The Art                  Senge, Peter M.           Doubleday           1990

 and Practice of the Learning 



Who’s Who in Washington                   Congressional Quarterly Inc.                 1994

            Nonprofit Groups 1994  


Open Computing Guide to                    Reiss, Levi                    McGrawHill                 1995

            Mosaic: Your Guide

            To the WWW


The New York Public Library               Stonesong Press           1989

            Desk Reference


The New York Public Library               Prentice Hall                 1993

            Desk Reference 2nd ed.



The Yearbook of Experts, Authorities &           Broadcast Interview Source                  1990

            Spokespersons/ An Encyclopedia

            Of Sources 8th ed.



The Book of Numbers              Heron House Editors compilation          A&W               1978


Awards, Honors & Prizes                     Siegman, Gita ed.         Gale                             1991   

  9th ed. 1991-92 vols. I &  II


Politics, markets and America’s Schools   Chubb, John E.                     Brookings         1990



Planning and Development in Iran          Baldwin, George B.      Johns Hopkins              1967


The Uneasy Partnership:  Social Science           Lyons, Gene     Russell Sage                 1969

And the Federal Government in the

20th Century


Basic Economic Principles                    Lynn, Robert A.           McGrawHill     1965


Persian Gulf States Country Studies      Nyrop, Richard, ed.      GPO                1985

Foreign Area Studies


Turkey a country Study             Nyrop, Richard            GPO                1980



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