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This week's "A Diverse Universe" post is brought to you by Marilyn Bromley,
Library Director at BNA and Candidate for SLA's 2012 Board of Directors.

Here's a sneak peak of Marilyn's post:

"In February, Larry Lempert, one of my BNA colleagues, wrote a Diverse
Universe blog post on how he became Director of Product Research and
Planning after years in the editorial side of the company, during which he
earned an MLS from the University of Maryland.  Giselle Caruso, another
MLSer here at BNA, participated with Larry in last year’s DC/SLA “Cinco de
Mayo” session on alternative careers for MLS graduates; Giselle is a senior
project manager in our business systems group.  BNA also has MLS grads
serving as indexers, senior-level trainers and legal market sales
So BNA’s a pretty diverse place for LIS professionals, right?  Yup, and even
in the Library.   With a professional staff of 6 librarians, there is a lot
of non-traditional work going on . . ."

You can read the entire post at:

DC/SLA's "A Diverse Universe" blog series is a weekly blog series
highlighting the diverse roles/jobs our members have featuring a different
guest blogger each week. Librarians can do so much and we want to
shine aspotlight on that! If you're in DC/SLA and interested in
a post for our series please email me off list.


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