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 Malasysia, Buku Rasmi Tahunan           vols  1963, 64, 65, 66, 67, 69

Official Year Book                                                &
1970, 71, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78 

(These are the Malaysian Government's Publications for the years listed.
All are Paperback except 1967.)



1998 Information Please Almanac                     Brunner, Borgna, Ed.



Israel, a country study               Nyrop, Richard F. ed.

Area handbook series


Philippines, a country study                   Bunge, Frederica ed.

Area handbook series


Saudi Arabia, a country study               Nyrop, Richard F. ed.

Area handbook series


Canadian Almanac and Directory 1993


Canadian Who's Who  1979                Simpson, Kieran ed.



Trade Unions and Productivity: The British Trades Union Congress

The report and recommendations of

A team of British Trade Union Officials

Who investigated the role of unions in

Increasing productivity in the United

States of America.


Leadership, Perspective and                 Pierce, Richard ASQC Quality
Press    1991

Restructuring for Total Quality


Human Relations:  concepts          Cabot, Hugh, et als       Harvard
University Press    1953

And cases in Concrete Social 

Science / vol I  Concepts


Human Relations: Concepts and                        "
"                                      "

Cases in Conrete Social Science

Vol II   Cases



Mechanical Apitude and                       ARCO Editorial Board ARCO

Spatial Relations Test

(2 copies)



Career Aptitude Tests               Klein, J. Ken and Celia Unterman
ARCO             1984

(2 copies)



Insights to Performance             Blazney, Mark L.          ASQ
Quality Press       2000 

Excellence 2000:

An inside look at the 

2000 Baldridge Award Criteria



Americans in Persia                  Millspaugh, Arthur C.
Brookings Inst. 1946



The Times of India Directory                 Times of India Press
1980 - 1981

And Yearbook including

Who's Who


1985  People's Republic                       Xinhua Publishing House

Of China Yearbook


1986 People's Republic of                    Xinhua Publishing House

China Yearbook 


The Structure and Meaning      Healy, William M.D. et als         Alfred
A. Knopf           1930

of Psychoanalysis as related

To Personality and Behavior


St Anthony's Papers, No. 8      Iyer, Raghavan, ed.       SIU
Press/Carbondale              1960

South Asian Affairs

Number 1


St Anthony's Papers, No. 7      Hudson, G. F., ed.        SIU
Press/Carbondale              1960

Far Eastern Affairs

Number 2


St. Anthony's Papers, No. 14   Hudson, G.F., ed.         SIU
Press/Carbondale              1958

Far Eastern Affairs

Number 3


Afghanistan:  Development in Brief          Afghan Information
Bureau/London     1962


Iran                                          Vreeland, Herbert H.
Human Relations Area          1957

Country Survey Series


Psychological Testing:   Cohen, Ronald Jay et als           Mayfield

An Introduction to Tests

& Measurement


International Development:        Conference Proceedings from the 12th
world                 1971

 Development Targets for          conference of the Society for

the 70's: Jobs & Justice                 Development/ Ottawa, May 16 -



Research in Human                   Sirageldin, Ismail ed.           JAI
Press                           1979    

Capital and Development       Depts. Of Population

Vol I - 1979                            Dynamics and Political

A research annual                     Economy - Johns Hopkins Univ.



The Economic Development              Raffaele, Joseph A.
Random House 1971

Of Nations 


Reshaping the World Economy Pincus, John A. Prentice-Hall

Rich and Poor Countries           



Business and Society: 1976 - 2000       Paluszek, John L.          AMA

AMA Survey Report


Role Playing,  Reward,             Elms, Alan C.               Van
Nostrand Reinhold            1969

And Attitude change


Facts About India                     Ministry of Information and
Broadcasting                      1957



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