The following titles have been withdrawn from the IRS Counsel Library's collection.  Please email [log in to unmask] by Friday, April 29, 2010, if you want any of these titles.  Please include complete mailing address and POC.

Environmental Law 2d ed 1994 & 1999
Federal Equal Opportunity Yearbook 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003
Primer on ERISA 1st and 4th editions
Flexible Compensation Plans:  Cafeteria Plans, 401(k), and VEBAs  1983
Funded Welfare Benefit Plans 1985
Environmental Law in a Nutshell 3d ed, 5th ed
Sports Law in a  Nutshell 2d ed
Workers' Compensation and Employee Protection laws in a Nutshell 3d ed
Employment Law in a Nutshell 2d ed
The Creator in the Courtroom "Scopes II"
The National Tax Debate
Introduction of Qualified Pension and Profit-Sharing Plans 1988
The Developing Law of Endowment Funds:  "The Law and the Lore" Revisited
Legal Problems of Religious and Private Schools
Education, Religion, and the Supreme Court
Protecting your Pension Money
Employee Stock Ownership Plans
Applying the New Copyright Law:  A Guide for Educators and Librarians
The Copyright Book
Federal Taxation of Estates, Gifts, and Trusts 2d and 3d eds
International Tax Summaries 1983,1984,1992,1993,1994,1995,1996
Estate and Gift Taxes 3d ed
Estate and Gift Tax Digest 2d ed
Estate and Gift Tax after Tax Reform 1977
Applied Regression Analysis 1966
Elementary Statistics 2d ed
Fundamentals of Private Pensions
The Fifth Discipline
International Tax Handbook 1990,1994
International Petroleum Encyclopedia  1973,1977,1980
Municipal Bond Handbook 1983 v.2
Preservation Challenge: A Guide to Conserving Library Materials 1983
Fundamentals of Private Pensions 1964
The Handbook of Asset-Based Securities 1990
Bibliography of International Law 1975
Practice and Methods of International Law 1984

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