Dear Colleagues,


Hĺvard’s suggestions are reasonable and I think we do not need a formal

I agree with the modification of the name in French.


Best regards




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Subject: Tetum, tet - French name


Dear members of ISO 639 Joint Advisory Committee,


Below is a request relating to the language Tetum (alpha-3 identifier in ISO
639-2 and ISO 639-3: tet). The main request was for an alpha-2 identifier.
We have already informed the submitter that it would be against our policy
to assign an alpha-2 identifier in this case. The main “problem” seemed to
be that their software required alpha-2 identifiers for languages, which is
an entirely different issue that we recommended her to discuss with their
software manufacturer.


But: The request uses the French form “tétoum”, while our database has the
French form “tetum” only. Having looked at various sources I have found
three French forms: tétoum, tetum, and tetun. I have also found English
forms Tetum and Tetun. While the name forms ending with -n seem to be closer
to the indigenous name of the language (given as “tetun”), forms ending with
-m are probably more common both in English and French.


My proposal is that we don’t do anything with the English name, but that the
French name is changed
FROM “tetum”
TO “tétoum; tetum”.


Any comments or objections? Does anyone want a formal ballot?


Best regards,



Hĺvard Hjulstad

  (prosjektleder / Project Manager)

  Standard Norge / Standards Norway

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