From: Edward C. Zimmermann
 Sent: Monday, May 16, 2011 6:03 AM

> These are of significant utility
> in query languages to standardize the common concepts of "today", "now",
> "14 days ago", "tomorrow"
> and intervals such as "past 14 days", "last 2 weeks", "this year" etc.
> These I need. I currently have, lacking a standard, my own vocabulary.

Please post your vocabularly and we can then evaluate whether it is feasible
to incorporate into our spec.

> While a date interval such as "past 14 days" can be calculated it is
> not always reasonable. A search response, for example, that could
> return a facet with "past 14 days" is much easier to implement and more
> efficient to use.
> Queries with date expressions using something like "today" are
> reusable--- for example, "give me news stories about the Giro d'Italia
> today" for current stories--- while their caculated instances are not
> (refer only to the day that was caculated).

But wouldn't this be more the province of a search protocol or query
language (e.g. SRU, CQL), to define indexes for these?