Why not just say "name"?  The reader can tell at a glance what type of  
name it is, should they care to make such a distinction.

Conveying the entity's role- agent, author, whatever is anithe  
matter   Names exist in the EAC context independantly of particular  
roles which is a concept that only makes sense in the context of the  
entity's relationship to a particular function or body of records   Of  
course in EAD, all the name elements have a ROLE attribute to specify  
the relationship between the named entity and the records.

Michael Fox

On May 24, 2011, at 11:49 PM, "BRIAN TINGLE" <[log in to unmask] 
 > wrote:

> In an EAC prototype I'm developing an interface for [1]  as part of  
> a research project I tried to keep the labels matching the EAC  
> terminology, giving the benefit of the doubt to the work that was  
> done to come up with those terms by the schema developers until it  
> proves confusing for users.
> Using that logic, I would go with "identity" or maybe "name entry"  
> after the eac element names -- but I din't actually use those words  
> as labels for anything in the SNAC prototype design.  I do have  
> "authorized form of name" show when you hold the mouse over the name  
> on the identity record page; and in the browse I call them "Names",  
> "Person Names", "Corporate Body Names", and "Family Names" depending  
> on the entityType limit.
> [1]
> On May 24, 2011, at 5:34 PM, Elizabeth Perkes wrote:
>> Is there a consensus yet about how to label a corporate, personal,  
>> or family name in a way that makes sense to both archivists and  
>> users? Since we are a government office collecting government  
>> records, traditionally we just call these names "agencies." The EAC  
>> standard uses the term "agent" and "entity." To me, "agent" sounds  
>> like somebody from the CIA or FBI. We've relabeled fields in our  
>> database to call them "entities" since if we add all the contextual  
>> information possible, we very well could have people or even a  
>> First Family recorded in this file. I don't know if a researcher  
>> would know what an "entity" was if asked to do a keyword search on  
>> such a field, although search results that display "creating  
>> entity" might help. For them, the term "record creator" or "author"  
>> might be best understood, but EAC allows for entry of people or  
>> corporations that did not directly create the records, even though  
>> they may provide some context into that creation. Using "Corporate,  
>> Personal, or Family name" usually takes up too much space on screen  
>> for archival data entry, and researchers might confuse that search  
>> box with the name of the person they are researching, instead of  
>> the entity that created the records. Using just "name" is even more  
>> generic. What would you label these things?
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