Hi all,

I thought people on this list might be interested that we have now released Archives Hub EAD data as Linked Data. 

This is part of the UK JISC-funded LOCAH project, which is making records from the Archives Hub ( and Copac ( available as Linked Data.  

The Linked Data site can be found at: 

More information about the release is available on our project blog at We encourage feedback on the data, the model and any other aspect of, so please leave comments or contact us directly. You can also follow our Twitter account at #locah.

You'll see we created a model of our EAD data, and that formed the basis of what we wanted to say about our entities. We have particular challenges as an aggregator because the data is not always as consistent as we would like. In fact, this project has helped to show some of the inconsistencies that we can try to address. 

This has been a very exciting and challenging project so far, and we're pleased with the results, although we certainly have more that we'd like to do with the data. It provides a basis on which to work to output the whole of the data, making the Hub truly a part of the Linked Data world. We'll be adding more blog posts over the next few months to reflect on aspects of the project and we'll be providing a prototype visualisation of the data, to give an idea of how the Linked Data RDF output can provide different perspectives on the data. 

We've accessed some external data, including the postcodes from TNA's Archon directory, for which we're most grateful. We also have some links to VIAF, the Virtual International Name Authority File, and DPBedia. We'd like to include more external links as a means to further connect our data with other Linked Data datasets. 

We're grateful to Talis ( for kindly providing our Linked Data store.

with kind regards,
Jane and the Locah team

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