That is fun and fiendish.  (The perfect teaching combination in my opinion.)

I'm putting this in my Ideas to Adapt if Not Outright Steal file, in case I get a chance to teach with my own materials again in the future.

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I always create one called "The Hoosier  Cinderella" (so they have to find 
an authority record for Cinderella and then  figure out how to incorporate 
Indiana in the subject headings) written by me  (what to do with my name) and 
illustrated by another faculty member whose name  can be shortened 
(Patricia McWilliams who supposedly illustrates children's  books under Patty 
McWilliams and adult books under Artiste -- I supply that  information).  They 
have to create a bib record, find the uniform title for  Cinderella, create 
name authority records for me (such a lot can be done with my  name -- La Donna 
with and without the space, maiden name ...).  Of course I  don't tell them 
they have to do all of that -- just that they need a bib record,  and if 
they can't find a name authority they have to create one.

Stir as  needed!!
La Donna
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