Hello! Last March 2010-April 2010 I had a survey posted to gather catalogers' (and others') thoughts on what they thought about the cataloging/metadata profession. I asked 3 demographic, and 10 content questions. The 10 questions were:
1. Please explain why you find cataloging (metadata) fulfilling -- why do you like being a cataloger or metadata librarian?
2. What is the activity you enjoy most about cataloging or metadata application?
3. What is the activity you enjoy least about cataloging or metadata application?
4. How did you become a cataloger or metadata librarian?
5. How did your library school education, on-the-job experience, and work with other catalogers or metadata librarians prepare you for your current work situation?
6. What, in your opinion, is the purpose of cataloging, or metadata application, and why is it important?
7. In your opinion, what characteristics, abilities, and bibliographic values (extending beyond our modern time to all of civilized times) do catalogers or metadata librarians have that drives them to do what they do?
8. What is your opinion of the current state of cataloging or metadata work?
9. Is there a future for the cataloging profession? For the metadata librarian profession? Please explain.
10. What would you tell a library school student who was thinking of going into cataloging or metadata application?

I received 281 responses, but have deleted those that had no answers to questions 1-10, which leaves 144 complete responses. I have left these without analysis or review, for over a year, as I have worked on other things. However, the wisdom, wit, candor, commonality of ideas, joy, depression (and more!) of the responses from this survey really merit attention. So, I'm making them available to you for your review, enjoyment, filtering, downloading, whatever you might garner from them. I don't have the time to write anything about them -- maybe one of you could -- but I wanted to share them with you. The survey is:

Your Feelings About Your Cataloging (Metadata) Profession

And results from the 144 responses are available for you at:

Thanks! I think you will find them meaningful, and helpful. The thoughts that the respondents supplied in answer to the questions are useful and mostly offer positive and enduring support of our profession, and for cataloging education, much of which I think could be used to change administrators notions of our worth to our libraries and the world.

Elaine Sanchez
Texas State University-San Marcos
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