The Smithsonian Libraries presents one more lecture in a series that explores the history, artistry, design and construction of pop-up and movable books. Held in conjunction with “Paper Engineering: Fold, Pull, Pop and Turn,” our ongoing exhibition in the Libraries gallery located in the National Museum of American History, the series will feature movable book historians, pop-up artists and designers, and paper engineers. We hope you will join us for this event, and please watch our blog for future announcements.



Behind the Paper Curtain: The Magic and Math of Harry Potter, The Pop-Up Book

Bruce Foster, Paper Engineer

Bruce Foster is among the pop-up elite, one of the foremost paper engineers in the world. His introduction to the genre came when he was working as a graphic designer and was searching for a way to jazz up an ad campaign for Hi-C juices. He frequently makes presentations in schools, explaining what paper engineers do and how they work with artists and writers to create pop-up books. He begins by talking about Disney’s film Enchanted, for which he designed the opening pop-up scenes, and ends the talk with something that never fails to delight his young audiences – Harry Potter. Bruce will be signing copies of the Harry Potter Pop-up and Wow! The Pop-Up Book of Sports after the lecture.


12:00 PM, Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Carmichael Auditorium, National Museum of American History

12th and Constitution Avenue NW













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