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Effective with classification and subject headings weekly list 1121 (dated June 15, 2011), the Policy and Standards Division will change the frequency of the tentative and the approved weekly lists to a monthly schedule.  This is an experimental change and may be revised as circumstances dictate.  The upcoming implementation of a new system for creating subject heading proposals, similar to the current system for making classification proposals, makes this an opportune time to realign workflows to increase efficiency in all division operations.   The review process for new and change proposals has not changed; proposals will be reviewed by subject cataloging policy specialists and by SACO liaisons as appropriate.   The tentative lists posted to the web for comments, the red marked-up copies of the tentative lists that contain the revisions to the lists, and the final approved lists will continue to be distributed as before: posted to the same web sites or emailed.  This experimental change may result in longer throughput times for proposals ranging from 8 to 12 weeks (currently there is a targeted 6 week turnaround time).


SACO libraries may continue to use “pre-approved” subject headings in their cataloging, in accordance with the policy outlined in the SACO Participants’ Manual.  Therefore, a library need not hold an item it is cataloging to await approval of the proposal.  It remains the proposing library’s responsibility to revise any bibliographic records that have been contributed to a bibliographic utility in cases where the form of the headings was changed during the approval process (see the SACO Participants’ Manual, the section entitled “Practicalities”).

Subscribers to the weekly distribution of subject authorities via MDS Subject Authorities from the Cataloging Distribution Service will notice that the weekly distribution file will vary in size much more than in the past due to the change in frequency of the lists.  It may happen that some weekly distribution files do not contain any records.


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