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This apparently isn’t covered sufficiently in the Chinese RT. My question is about word division for certain geographic entities which contain phrases equivalent to Left Banner, Front Banner, etc. The practice is clear in geographic place name headings but not when they occur in a descriptive context.  

For example:

喀喇沁左翼蒙古族自治县 and 《喀喇沁左翼蒙古族自治县概况》编写组.


In descriptive cataloging (and in corporate body NARs) my contention is that these should be treated with respect to word division the same as the place name (Harqin Zuoyi Mongolzu Zizhixian) thus the two above examples should be romanized as Kalaqin Zuoyi Mengguzu Zizhixian  (not e.g. Kalaqinzuoyi Mengguzu Zizhixian) and “Kalaqin Zuoyi Mengguzu Zizhixian gai kuang” bian xie zu (and not “Kalaqinzuoyi Mengguzu Zizhixian gai kuang” bian xie zu).


Is this correct according to other people’s (and LC’s) views?


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