Reminder with a purpose:  To achieve wider participation in the election for program representatives to PCC Policy Committee (PoCo)

Eligible voters:  Directors of active member institutions and Funnel Coordinators of multi-library projects

Last day of voting:  Tuesday, May 31


With the holiday weekend approaching, the PCC Secretariat encourages you to remind your director to vote in the ongoing PCC PoCo election for program representatives to the PCC Policy Committee (PoCo).


Directors of active PCC  member institutions and Funnel Coordinators of multi-library projects received ballots in early May, followed by an email reminder in mid-May.  Ballots are program-specific--i.e., if a library participates in BIBCO and NACO, the online ballot includes candidates only for BIBCO and NACO.

CONSER institutions must be full members to be eligible to vote for a CONSER representative.


Candidate bios appear at:


Candidates for BIBCO, CONSER, NACO, and SACO representatives to PoCo:



·         Chris Cronin (University of Chicago)  

·         George Prager (New York University Law School) 



·         Ed Jones (National University) 

·         Martin Kurth (New York University) 



·         Manon Theroux (U.S. Senate Library) 

·         Elaine Westbrooks (University of Nebraska) 



·         Bob Maxwell (Brigham Young University)

·         Phil Schreur (Stanford University) 


If your director has not voted, please encourage him or her to send an email vote to [log in to unmask] for the programs in which your library is an active full member.

The Coop Section is unable to respond to individual questions "Has my director voted?"


Carolyn R. Sturtevant

BIBCO Coordinator

COIN/Cooperative Programs Section

Library of Congress

Washington, DC 20540-4320

voice: 202.707.4551

fax: 202.252.2082

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