I’m not speaking for Janis or LC of course, but under the MARC rules, example no. 1 is still valid, so long as “Rock music” remains in LCSH and LCSH (the thesaurus itself) does not define the term as invalid for use as a genre/form. Any thesaurus found in http://www.loc.gov/standards/sourcelist/genre-form.html or http://www.loc.gov/standards/sourcelist/subject.html is valid for use in 655 if it has appropriate terms. The thesaurus must be identified, either through an indicator (second indicator 0 = lcsh) or through second indicator 7 plus a code in $2. The listing at http://www.loc.gov/standards/sourcelist/genre-form.html says Many general subject lists and thesauri, such as the Library of Congress Subject Headings and the Art and Architecture Thesaurus, also contain controlled vocabularies for specifying genre/forms.” Thus, LCSH can still be used in 655. We have long used LCSH terms in 655 in our cataloging, and will probably continue to use them well into the future, since many genre/form terms in LCSH will never find their way into the new LCGFT. As terms migrate into LCGFT we intend to begin preferring the LCGFT usage, but LCSH in 655 won’t go away.


By the way, we also use terms from about a dozen other thesauri in our 655 fields, including AAT, the Rare Book thesauri, and others. LCSH and LCGFT are probably in the majority in our catalog, but are only two among many.


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Hi Janis,


Under what circumstances are we to use the coding 655 \0? For example, if one wanted to use the LCSH "Rock music" as a genre/form heading, would this be coded:


1. 655 \0 $a Rock music. 

2. 655 \7 $a Rock music. $2 lcsh

3. 655 \7 $a Rock music. $2 lcgft

4. 655 \7 $a Rock music. $2 local


I would not expect to find that heading coded as it is in #1--that coding having been traditionally reserved for established genre/form terms--but I get the impression from your message below that this is how such headings should be coded going forward. In a nutshell: under the new policy, is 655 \0 ever a valid coding?


I am not a music cataloger, so forgive me if this a poor example. 




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Since 2007 the Library of Congress’ Policy and Standards Division (PSD) has been developing genre/form terms, and in June 2010 determined that the new thesaurus, Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms for Library and Archival Materials (LCGFT), should be formally separated from Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH).  In order to accomplish this, on May 24, 2011 the existing genre/form authority records will be deleted and reissued with new coding. 


The current coding for the genre/form authority records indicates that the terms are from LCSH, not LCGFT.  The LCCNs are prefixed by “sh” and 008/11 is set to “a,” Library of Congress Subject Headings.  Therefore, the LCCNs and MARC coding both need to be revised.  This will require the deleting and reissuing of the genre/form authority records. 


The approximately 800 existing authority records will be deleted and immediately reissued.  About 1600 records (deletes plus reissues) will be sent to subscribers as part of the May 24, 2011, Volume 26, Issue 21, distribution of subject authorities via the MARC Distribution Service (MDS).


Authority records for LCGFT terms will be coded as follows.


LCCN prefix:  gf       

008/11: z (“Other”)
040$f: lcgft




            008/11             z

            010                  $a gf2011987654 $z sh2009025020

            040                  $a DLC $b eng $c DLC $f lcgft

            155                  $a Topographic maps

            455                  $a Hypsographic maps

            455                  $a Hypsometric maps

            455                  $a Relief maps

            455                  $a Topographical maps

            555                  $w a $a Maps 


            [Note that the deprecated LCCN is being retained in field 010$z, to facilitate automatic updates.]


As of May 24, 2011, new coding should be used when assigning LCGFT terms in bibliographic records.  That coding is as follows.


655 #7 $a [Term]. $2 lcgft




            Title:  Survivor: Thailand.

            655 #7 $a Survival television programs. $2 lcgft

                                655 #7 $a Nonfiction television programs. $2 lcgft


The genre/form FAQ http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/genre_form_faq.pdf and the Subject Headings Manual (SHM) will both be updated to reflect this change in policy.


For further information and the rationale for these revisions, please see the January 3, 2011 announcement, “Library of Congress to Reissue Genre/Form Authority Records.”  http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/gf_lccn.html 


Questions or comments on these plans or on the genre/form projects in general may be addressed to Janis L. Young [log in to unmask], LC’s genre/form coordinator.





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