My name is Monique Lowe. I am working on behalf of the PREMIS Editorial Committee on a research project that will look into the current state of PREMIS implementation. The ultimate goal of my research will be to update the PREMIS Implementation Registry ( and to begin accumulating an evidence base for PREMIS implementation by gathering some examples. Updating the registry and accumulating an evidence-base of PREMIS implementation examples should be a valuable resource for projects and institutions considering a PREMIS data dictionary implementation within their own archival system.


I would like to gather some basic information about PREMIS implementations in the digital preservation community. If you are implementing PREMIS, or are considering implementing PREMIS, at your institution, I would appreciate it if you could send me a note including:


Institution name

Project name

Project web site

Active implementation or considering implementation?


Beyond this information, I’d also like to know if you are willing to have a brief chat (via phone or e-mail) about some of the details of your PREMIS implementation. If so, please provide information about the best way to contact you.


Please reply directly to me (off-list) at [log in to unmask]. I’d be grateful if you could respond by Wednesday, June 1,  2011.


Many thanks in advance. I look forward to hearing from you.



Monique Lowe

Research Intern OCLC