We are working on putting additional PREMIS controlled vocabularies in and would welcome any suggestions to expand this list.

The PREMIS Editorial Committee has discussed making environment a separate entity in the data model and this question makes me think that needs more consideration.

When we originally developed environment we made it fairly flexible because we weren't sure how it would be used. If you wanted to record the environment in which the object was created it is related to the information in creating application about the software used. I suppose if we had another term in the environment purpose vocabulary (creation?) we could record it. And then we might want to broaden the definition of environment beyond just use.
Do others think this would be useful?


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I don't think there is a longer version of the environmentPurpose vocabulary, but no reason why there could not be.  However, I don' t think environmentPurpose would apply to the environment in which an object was created. The definition of "environment" is "Hardware/software combinations supporting use of the object."  I'm not sure creation could be considered a use.

On the other hand (thinking out loud), presumably any given object was created as a single event by only a single hardware/software configuration.  If one wanted to record all of the possible hardware/software combinations that could have created the object, then one would have to put that in environment, which allows multiples for the same purpose.

It's an interesting question.  Are there other thoughts out there?

Priscilla Caplan

On 5/16/2011 10:02 AM, David Rice wrote:
> Hi all,
> Is there a longer version of the environmentPurpose vocabulary list? The data dictionary includes two terms: "render" and "edit". Also both of these terms relate to future use of the object, is it good practice to use environment to describe past environments of the object? Such as the environment in which the object was originally created (or would the event entity be preferred for information that pertains to the object's creation)?
> Best Regards,
> Dave Rice