> the main proponents of the features are prone to disagreement?
I do not consider that this is a disagreement. Rather, I think this shows 
that there is a need for clarifications.

> {1950..1959} means the set (all of) dates 1959 through 1959.
I assume you mean: "dates 1950 through 1959."

> decade (10 years) is just the expression "195x".
Do you mean we should introduce the concept of "decade"? I remember that 
we rejected the concept of "century" and chose to express such concepts as 
intervals. Thus, we could suggest formulations like


and skip


> even "1999-02-08"--- compared to "1999-02008T12:12Z"
I assume that you mean

"1999-02-08"--- compared to "1999-02-08T12:12Z"

> Wildcards never really interested me except in queries.
I wonder what you think about my suggestion to move the "x"-concept away 
from the EDTF specification and place it on the "list of proposals for CQL 
improvement" and discuss this question in the context of CQL.