From: Saašha Metsärantala
> > decade (10 years) is just the expression "195x".
> Do you mean we should introduce the concept of "decade"? I remember

Absolutely not. 195x means the same thing as 1950/1959. There is no mention of nor need to define "decade". In fact, 19xx - depending on whether we decide that x can replace two digits, not necessarily just one -- would mean the same thing as 1900/1999. So the x notation serves as a shorthand. I personally can't see why it's necessary but Ed says he needs it. 

> I wonder what you think about my suggestion to move the "x"-concept
> away from the EDTF specification and place it on the "list of proposals
> for CQL improvement" and discuss this question in the context of CQL.

It doesn't make sense to me.