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> We don't need or want to define the concept of decade, century or .. But I
> think we do perhaps want to have a concept of 10 years, 100 years as well as
> a decimal precision more course than year..

I certainly can't see a case for it.

What are the specific use cases that require anyone to have a date
field whose value can be a machine-readable representation of "10
years"? E.g. where one would need to do something like this, where the
value of 'bar' is expected to be any EDTF date representation:

<foo bar="[insert EDTF expression of '10 years']"/>

... rather than to simply do it modeling (not the value, but the key/attribute):

<foo year-span="10"/>


> And when speaking of what people
> speak of when they talk about decades and trends we, I suggest, get to the
> concept of a date specified with a 10 year precision. This works. Recall,
> for example, when people talk about the 1960s they don't really mean
> 1960-1969.

So I'd call representing "the 1960s" out of scope then. Are we all on
the same page with this, or not?