I would love to get the slides--I need all the help I can trying to put this
together for our students.  It was a great session!


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> Hi all,
> At ALA on Monday there was a great session on education for cataloging, and
> the FRBR model came up. At that meeting, a lot of people seemed to want help
> in introducing/teaching FRBR, since it is the backbone of RDA.
> I have a set of PowerPoint slides that I am happy to share to help
> introduce the FRBR model of group 1 entities. I just finished revising them
> so that they are a bit more generic than the set I use for my own students.
> These slides are based on my 2006 article from LRTS (Carlyle, Allyson.
> "Understanding FRBR as a conceptual model: FRBR and the bibliographic
> universe," Library Resources & Technical Services, v. 50, no. 4 (October
> 2006), p. 264-273.).
> The LRTS article was based on a talk I gave at an ALCTS preconference in
> 2004, which came about because of my experience teaching the FRBR model in
> our LIS program. The original set of slides from that talk is available in
> pdf format, along with slides from the other speakers that you might find
> useful on the ALCTS website:
> You may also be interested in the IFLA website's FRBR Bibliography as well:
> Other people (Barbara Tillett comes to mind immediately) have done
> wonderful FRBR introductions and are very often willing to share their
> slides.
> Please let me know if you would like me to send my slides, and I'd be very
> happy to forward them to you. If you prefer the actual set of slides from
> the 2004 ALCTS preconference, just let me know and I will send you those
> (I'm sure I can find them...).
> Autocatters - I've also sent this to the educat discussion list, which is
> targeted to people who are teaching cataloging classes in LIS programs. It
> is a very nice list, not overly active :) (unlike some other lists I could
> name).
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