Hi all,
At ALA on Monday there was a great session on education for cataloging, and the FRBR model came up. At that meeting, a lot of people seemed to want help in introducing/teaching FRBR, since it is the backbone of RDA.

I have a set of PowerPoint slides that I am happy to share to help introduce the FRBR model of group 1 entities. I just finished revising them so that they are a bit more generic than the set I use for my own students. These slides are based on my 2006 article from LRTS (Carlyle, Allyson. "Understanding FRBR as a conceptual model: FRBR and the bibliographic universe," Library Resources & Technical Services, v. 50, no. 4 (October 2006), p. 264-273.).

The LRTS article was based on a talk I gave at an ALCTS preconference in 2004, which came about because of my experience teaching the FRBR model in our LIS program. The original set of slides from that talk is available in pdf format, along with slides from the other speakers that you might find useful on the ALCTS website:

You may also be interested in the IFLA website's FRBR Bibliography as well:

Other people (Barbara Tillett comes to mind immediately) have done wonderful FRBR introductions and are very often willing to share their slides.

Please let me know if you would like me to send my slides, and I'd be very happy to forward them to you. If you prefer the actual set of slides from the 2004 ALCTS preconference, just let me know and I will send you those (I'm sure I can find them...).

Autocatters - I've also sent this to the educat discussion list, which is targeted to people who are teaching cataloging classes in LIS programs. It is a very nice list, not overly active :) (unlike some other lists I could name).


Allyson Carlyle
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